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Musical souvenirs [May. 21st, 2009|02:43 pm]
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A serendipitous series of songs this morning made me think about how I carry around musical keepsakes of my significant relationships.  I have a pretty broad interest in music and most people I've been involved with have influenced it in some way:  introduced me to a band I'd never heard of, or to the more obscure songs of some act or genre I'd heard of but didn't fully appreciate.  There's always one or two songs at least that make me think about that person, the first time I heard that song, that time when we.....

I suppose I'm lucky that these are all good memories, so far.  But what really struck me when I started musing about this is how enriching it's been.  To my musical tastes and to my life in general.  There's usually a lot of positive "takeaways" from a (good) relationship.  This one seems very strong for me.  I just picture myself at 80, listening to Oingo Boingo and remembering my high school boyfriend.  Hopefully I'll still have the ability to enjoy it then.  I haven't dropped any of my "acquired tastes" yet.